Sally Gunnett


Cyanotype taster workshop

When: Saturday and Sunday

Price – £5 (adults supervising children but not participating in the workshop do not need a ticket)

Suitable for adults/children – this workshop is suitable for adults and children, however children must be accompanied and supervised by an adult.

Materials – Pre-coated cyanotype paper and fabric, objects to create images with (plants, buttons, lace, glass bottles etc.), boards, Perspex sheets, bulldog clips, water, bucket

Workshop aims – to introduce participants to the cyanotype process

Outline of what participants will learn/make – participants will learn how to expose and create a cyanotype print on pre-coated cyanotype paper or fabric. Each participant will make one test print and one final print.

The Artist Sally Gunnett

Sally Gunnett is an artist based in Woolwich, south east London who works with plants and elements of the natural world to create work which records places and periods of time. After a rural upbringing she moved to London in 2000 and has lived and worked there since. She graduated with a degree in Fine Art from Goldsmiths College in 2003 and recently completed the Artist Teacher Scheme at Oxford Brookes University with distinction. She is currently working as a freelance artist and educator having previously taught art and photography in mainstream education for over a decade, becoming a head of department before deciding to concentrate on her own artistic practice after giving birth to her son. She continues her love of teaching by delivering workshops and courses.

Her current practice explores the change and growth of plants in her garden and other places which have significance to her. She works with time-based processes and alternative printmaking techniques, using pigments in plant dyes and rust, to record periods in time or the status of plants at a particular moment. She is interested in the unpredictability of these processes and the effects that they have both on the plants used to create them and the environment they are created in. She is currently investigating how nature can be used to record periods of time by creating work in the environment, using light from the sun or documenting the effects of natural elements such as rain.

Sally has work in private and public collections and has exhibited nationally including at the Woolwich Contemporary Print Fair for the past two years. She completed a residency in 2018 as part of the New: Defence arts project in Essex which culminated in a solo exhibition of the work she created.

Description of the exhibited artwork

February threads, 23 x 28cm, linen thread dyed with plant dyes, rusty nails

Rust triptych, 30 x 40cm, rust prints on watercolour paper, rust prints on fabric, rusty nail hooks, bundle dye string

Sycamore leaf 1, 25 x 25cm, sycamore leaf ecoprint on vintage cotton

Artwork for sale: Yes

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